Might of the Divided City: Relics of Errus, Volume 3

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Jeremy Gordon Grinnell

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If you can’t have unity, at least have courage.

Eli, Anna, and Rose Hoover make their third visit to Errus, a world coming apart at the seams, a place where mythological creatures are born out of natural calamities. Nations at war, apocalyptic prophecies coming to pass, and once again the three sisters are forced to navigate it all in order to get home.

Disastrously, however, this time they get separated. Trapped on the wrong side of the Ever War, Eli finds herself alone and in constant peril—dangerous creatures, rogue elements, and political machinations—lost in a city at war with itself. Will she ever see her sisters again? Will she find the courage to prevent the renewal of ancient hostilities? Will she lose her head to Azhwana justice? If she survives this, nothing will ever be the same.

Welcome to Landembrost, a city being torn apart from the inside.

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AUTOGRAPHEDBooks ordered here on our website are SIGNED by the author!



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Books ordered here on our website are SIGNED by the author!

About the Author

Dr. Jeremy Gordon Grinnell completed a degree in theatre and communication in his youth, then went on to earn a Ph.D. in moldy old dead European men. After fifteen years teaching at university, he became a professional audiobook narrator and discovered he liked writing fiction more than lecturing on theology. Most importantly, he's a husband and father of four amazing kids, who like his reading of Harry Potter better than Jim Dale's… but they may be prejudiced.
http://www.gordongreenhill.com / https://www.relicsoferrus.com



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The Relics of Errus

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Volume 3

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