Plight of the Rokan Boy: Relics of Errus, Volume 2

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Jeremy Gordon Grinnell

Romul is a homeless orphan from the mountains on a quest to find out who he is. His only clue is a small triangular relic from his long lost mother. This “firebrand” is his prize possession—unique in all the world. Except he’s just run into three sisters who have one just like it! Falling in with the Hoover sisters, the Rokan boy is now part of something bigger …whether he wants to be or not.

In the second installment of The Relics of Errus, Plight of the Rokan Boy, Eli, Anna, and Rose have returned to Errus, only to find themselves caught up in a new quest. Sent by an old priest to the foundry city of Farwell, they must search for answers about a mysterious dragon, an indecipherable prophecy, and an ancient enemy who threatens to rise again. Along the way they face shipwreck, imprisonment, and a host of merfolk, dwarves, fire lizards, and more. Which will come first—the answers they need or the end of all things?

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AUTOGRAPHEDBooks ordered here on our website are SIGNED by the author!



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From Amazon…

Expanding story of Errus and Earth with fun and unexpected storylines …I really liked Skycricket and the sisters and their discovery of this fantastic new world, and their adventures, as the world enveloped them and pulled them into an adventurous thread of destiny. I expected to pick up the second book and take off where “we left our heroes” and proceed onwards. But Rokan Boy entered at a completely different angle and layer of the story with new characters, and races, and deep backstory that made you care about Romul, the orphan from the wrong side of the tracks and wrong race of “latecomers” who is shocked to learn that much of what he was raised to believe, about himself and his race and people, may be completely incorrect.

Thankfully his path does soon catch up with Eli, Anna, and dear Rose who’s tangled skien of their own quest just happens to line up with Romul’s, and they pick up another mad scientist/tinker and face an amazing array of dwarves, mermaids, orcs, and others who will block or bolster (or both) them in their united goals. The characters make you care, the adventure keeps you turning pages (clicking pages?), and the dialog makes you think – and think more deeply than you think a young adult novel might lead you into – no easy black-and-white answers to some issues that they (and we) face.

My favorite new character, probably because of an uncanny resemblance to the man in the mirror, was probably “Crazy old Ylfig”, but explaining more about why would include too many spoilers.

I was frustrated, but understanding, with the ending of this volume as it came a bit too soon to fully resolve some of my biggest questions. But the story did resolve the big part of the story arc that came so unexpectedly at the start of the book, without bringing closure to the larger story. I have some huge questions … I have several predictions/theories … so while this branch of the story resolves itself nicely, I do anticipate where these girls, their new friend (and most probably some additional necessary members to complete their epic mission) will unite in the future to try and save their interconnected worlds.” – Bruce Abernethy,

Our whole family loved it …I read Plight of the Rokan Boy aloud to my husband and four children, ages 9-17. I had to pause often for the laughter to die down, and everyone groaned when it was time to stop reading for the day.

Flight of the Sky Cricket, the first in the Relics of Errus series, was a great story by itself. This second Errus book builds off of the world built in book one and expands immensely into an even broader epic fantasy adventure story. It brings in the main characters from book one and adds a new cast of characters who we came to love.

The author masterfully tells a story while weaving in themes of family, home/belonging, self-sacrifice, and even society’s treatment of outcasts without being preachy or didactic.

If I had to find one point to complain of, it would be that a small portion of the dialogue isn’t a fantastic example of how I want my own children to talk. I admit to editing some things as I read aloud such as “crap,” “stupid,” and multiple instances of “geez.” Although when embellished to “geez o’freaking whillikers,” I admit to grinning to myself while editing.

Relics is becoming one of our family’s favorite fantasy series.” – Lori Wiese,

A Compelling Sequel …Plight of the Rokan Boy is a very engaging sequel to Flight of the SkyCricket. If you have enjoyed the first novel, then you will want to continue the adventures of the Hoover girls and their new friends in Errus. Do you have a wish to learn more about the longaevi? You will definitely do so–salamanders, mermen, dwarves–along with their amazing powers. It is a real page turner.” – Nancy S.,

Love it! …If possible, Plight of Rokan Boy blows Flight of the SkyCricket out of the water. I was continually amazed by Mr Greenhill’s creativity and skill. He’s an incredible writer.” – Brittany S.,

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Books ordered here on our website are SIGNED by the author!

About the Author

Dr. Jeremy Gordon Grinnell completed a degree in theatre and communication in his youth, then went on to earn a Ph.D. in moldy old dead European men. After fifteen years teaching at university, he became a professional audiobook narrator and discovered he liked writing fiction more than lecturing on theology. Most importantly, he's a husband and father of four amazing kids, who like his reading of Harry Potter better than Jim Dale's… but they may be prejudiced. /



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The Relics of Errus

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Volume 2

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